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Welcome to CashRyde Inc., the cutting-edge innovation in the rideshare industry

We proudly present a crowdfunding platform exclusively designed for personal rideshare drivers. Whether you're an Uber aficionado, a Lyft enthusiast, or even a private cash ride driver, our platform offers a seamless, secure, and dependable way for you to raise funds for various needs, from car repairs to unexpected expenses.

Highest Success Rates

At CashRyde Inc., we take pride in our extraordinary success rates. Our platform is built to optimize your fundraising efforts, ensuring that you have the best chance of reaching your financial goals. We believe in the power of collective support, enabling personal rideshare drivers like you to overcome financial obstacles.

Raise Funds With Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the modern-day solution to fund your aspirations. With CashRyde Inc., you can tap into the vast network of people who believe in your journey. Share your story, showcase your dedication, and watch as the community rallies behind your cause. Together, we can make an incredible difference.

Thousands in Funding

CashRyde Inc. has already facilitated the distribution of thousands of dollars in funding to personal rideshare drivers across the globe. We understand the financial challenges faced by independent contractors, which is why we are committed to helping you thrive. Our platform is here to provide the necessary resources for your financial well-being.

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Our mission

At CashRyde Inc., our mission is to empower personal rideshare drivers to seize control of their financial destinies and attain true financial independence. We firmly believe that ridesharing should not only be a means of transportation but also a sustainable and rewarding source of income. Personal rideshare drivers should never have to struggle to make ends meet, and we are dedicated to eliminating those hurdles.
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Positive feedbacks from drivers
Joel T.
Joel T. Driver
I had been struggling financially as a rideshare driver until I discovered CashRyde's crowdfunding program. It allowed me to receive financial support from generous individuals who believed in the service I provide. Thanks to CashRyde, I was able to upgrade my vehicle and improve my overall driving experience.
Candace W.
Candace W. Driver
As a private cash ride driver, I was hesitant about joining a crowdfunding program. However, CashRyde proved to be a game-changer for me. The support I received not only helped cover my business expenses but also boosted my confidence, knowing that people believed in my abilities as a driver.
Allen S.
Allen S. Driver
CashRyde's crowdfunding platform provided me with an opportunity to expand my rideshare business. With the financial backing of supporters, I was able to invest in marketing initiatives and reach a wider customer base. This resulted in increased bookings and ultimately led to higher earnings.
Felica D.
Felica D. Driver
Being part of CashRyde's crowdfunding program was not just about the financial aspect. It was also about the sense of community that came along with it. Knowing that there were people out there who wanted to support local drivers like myself made me feel valued and appreciated.
Gerard B.
Gerard B. Driver
CashRyde's crowdfunding program introduced me to a whole new network of passionate individuals who believed in supporting sustainable transportation options. Through their platform, I was able to receive contributions that helped me transition to an electric vehicle, reducing my carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the environment.
Amanda M.
Amanda M. Driver
As a single parent trying to make ends meet, CashRyde's crowdfunding program came as a lifeline for me. The financial assistance I received eased the burden of everyday expenses, allowing me to provide for my family while doing what I love - providing safe and reliable rides for my passengers.
Platform Websites

Meet the Team

The CashRyde Platform encompasses a team of websites that cater to various aspects of transportation and community engagement. Explore these platforms to enhance your experience with CashRyde:

1. CashRyde.com: Discover a comprehensive directory of trusted cash ride drivers. Easily Search and connect with drivers who meet your specific transportation needs, whether it's for airport shuttles, bus and train stations, or store and food delivery.

2. CashRyde.app: Experience the convenience of our mobile ride-hailing app. Seamlessly connect with drivers through their profiles, ensuring a reliable and efficient transportation service right at your fingertips.

3. CashRyde.org: Engage in our private driver crowdfunding site. This platform enables riders to support and contribute to the success of their favorite cash ride drivers, fostering a sense of community and empowerment.

4. ChatRyde.com: Connect with fellow riders and drivers through our dedicated chat rooms. Share experiences, seek advice, and build connections within the CashRyde community.

5. CabRyde.com: Get involved in the CabRyde Driver Logistics Network, a platform designed to streamline logistics and enhance efficiency for our drivers. This network ensures seamless coordination and optimized routes for a smoother driving experience.

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